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Febrero del 2009

Mature blonde in hardcore action

Por mundoxxx - 4 de Febrero, 2009, 23:53, Categoría: General

Calendar Girl
Starring: Francesco Malcom, Julia Taylor, Claudia Jamsson, Denis Marti, George Uhl, Cynthia Fox, Mick Blue, Marie-Anne, Alexa May, Nikki Sun, Alessia Romei
Released By :
Private Media
Everyone knows the difficulties of finding the right face and body for a calendar, and even more so when the photographer is this conscientious, there is just no substitute for getting to know your model. We may not spend a full month with each girl, but by the time the movie is through you'll know each one intimately. The series of tempting talent soon builds to fever pitch, and as time is money, and never more so than in the publicity business it is lucky we are dealing with fast workers. More hot and hectic hardcore than you ever imagined cram packed into 8 scenes and 1 hour and a half of Absolutely Awesome Action brought to you by Private and Antonio Adamo.

Asian Lai, takes the dick

Por mundoxxx - 1 de Febrero, 2009, 22:39, Categoría: General

Mature Kink 17
Starring: Gigi, Emerson Styles, Asian Lai
Released By :
With refined styling and time tested performances, satisfaction is guaranteed!

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